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Superior Staefa Products

Thomas L. Grantham Co. is proud to be an authorized dealer for Staefa Control System, the top-of-the-line manufacturer of temperature control and indoor air quality systems. With a long-standing tradition of high standards, Staefa produces, quite simply, the best line of control valves in the industry.

Browse through the information below to learn more about the Staefa systems we carry – or visit the Staefa site to learn more about the company’s long-standing tradition of quality.

Staefa MS1800 Building Management System
Staefa MS2000 Building Management System
Indoor Air Quality Systems

Staefa Integral MS1800 Building Management System

An accurate and reliable building automation and energy management system, the MS1800 integrates stand-alone DDC (Direct Digital Control) and energy management systems. Operating under Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, the system is ideal for single-building applications as well as centralized management of individual systems in remote locations.

The MS1800 is comprised of all-electronic controls from end to end. Each component is designed to work in concert with the others to require less service and maintenance.

The architecture distributes intelligence to the point of control, allowing each component of the system to operate on a stand-alone basis and to be optimized for its application. The system’s modular structure is divided into separate system levels. Each level has clearly delineated responsibilities and privileges, making the system ideally suited for small- to medium-sized single buildings or centralized management of individual systems in separate locations.

The modular structure makes it possible to expand the building management system at any stage to match system growth requirements. This saves costs, because your investment is limited to those functions that will be put to use immediately. Operational procedures can be matched to meet your specification, resulting in

  • Efficient use of energy
  • High standard of indoor comfort
  • Rational deployment of manpower

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Staefa MS2000 Building Management System

Whether yours is a small building or a large, widely distributed building complex, the Staefa MS2000 system can meet your needs. The system provides advanced and flexible communication methods while allowing for seamless expansion, powerful control, and energy management functions.

The MS2000 provides a wide variety of industry standard communication protocols and can communicate on existing local area networks and wide area networks, including the Internet.

Up to 200 buildings can be connected to the MS2000 via dial-up telephone. In widely distributed building complexes, remote sites can automatically dial the MS2000 whenever circumstances at the site warrant a connection.

User application is extremely flexible and intuitive. Objects called "Staefa blocks" are software representations of real world objects such as time clocks, controllers, etc. When connected, the objects form schemes and strategies for control and energy management. A graphical programming language is used to simplify this process.

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Indoor Air Quality Sensor

The Staefa IAQ sensor measures indoor air quality and controls the outside air intake to adjust accordingly, resulting in a healthier indoor environment with minimal energy waste.

The IAQ sensor includes a sensing element and a signal conditioning circuit. The sensor responds to the aggregate effect of pollutants in the air and to their ability to be absorbed into the body.

Extensive testing has proven than the Staefa IAQ sensor also responds to occupancy changes. With the sensor, the control can automatically respond to increases and decreases in the occupancy rates in a particular room or zone. So in areas like conference rooms, cafeterias, lounges, and other high-traffic areas, a zone-mounted IAQ sensor resets the HVAC secondary ventilation volume to achieve the desired zone air quality at all times.

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