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Air Quality Systems

By now, everyone knows that today’s tighter buildings are more energy-efficient. But the trade-off for this efficiency is often poor indoor air quality – which can contribute to health and productivity problems.

The Grantham Co. can help monitor and regulate the quality of your indoor air with our Staefa Air Quality System.   In a building, sensors at various points measure the level of contaminants in the air.  If contaminants exceed a designated set point, the correct amount of clean air is introduced into the building HVAC system, providing adequate ventilation throughout the building.   This will reduce the risk of poor indoor air quality.

The sensors respond to occupancy changes, allowing the air control to automatically respond to increases and decreases in occupancy rates in a particular room or zone. So areas like conference rooms, cafeterias, lounges, and high-traffic rooms can be easily monitored and regulated to achieve the desired zone air quality at all times.

Regulated air quality means minimal energy waste and increased cost savings, as well as better health and increased productivity for the people in your buildings. It’s just one more way that Grantham Co. provides comfort.


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